Our History

Bromhead Legal was commenced almost 45 years ago, in 1970, by John Vaughan, practising as J.A. Vaughan & Co. John still practices, and remains with us as a revered Senior Consultant and Accredited Specialist in the area of Estate and Elder Law.

And yet, we are a new firm. In 2012, the firm was acquired by Greg McInnes from Stephen Bromhead, who had been elected as the NSW Member for Myall Lakes. Stephen remains as a Consultant on the letterhead, denoting the history of his name and past association.

Under the new management of Greg McInnes, Bromhead Legal has been completely re-structured, and given an entirely new focus and direction. The business has been taken in entirely new directions, with new purpose and new initiatives.

Our Statement of Core Values

FIRST & FOREMOST, we are focussed upon the best interests of our clients/customers
We value and protect our families and homes
We operate under Rules of Court, applying ethical professional standards
We perform a service
We perform our obligations
We strive always for EXCELLENCE, and take pride in our learning and work
We value answers over problems, striving for solutions
We value courtesy – to each other, to our clients, and to all business colleagues, without prejudice or bias
We aim to be a profitable business, consistent with fair dealing
We add value to the matters in which we deal
We value Community, and our place, role and responsibility within our Community
We value, enjoy, and seek to preserve, our clean environment

Bromhead Legal

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